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Seamless Gutter / Leaf Protection System
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Midwest Gutter RefferenceSince 1994, Midwest Exteriors of MPLS. has served over 10,000 homeowners with seamless gutter solutions using aluminum, steel and copper gutter systems.  We also provide leaf protection systems to shield gutters from leaves and other debris.  Most gutters and leaf protection systems can be installed in one day, resulting in very little disruption to your home.

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Gutters are used to collect water and drain it away from the foundation of the home, preventing water from migrating into basements and crawl spaces.  Midwest Gutter and Siding offers 5" to 6" gutters in aluminum, copper and steel.

  • Aluminum gutters have many positive attributes because they do not rust. In addition, they are reasonably priced and some manufactures offer a 50+ year paint warranty.  
  • Copper gutters enhance the beauty of your home. They don’t rust or need painting and they are easy to maintain. 
  • Steel gutters are popular because they are especially strong and resistant to damage standing up to severe weather, falling branches, and ladders.

Aluminum gutters

Copper gutters

Steel gutters

Gutter Do’s and Don’ts

1. Do clean your gutters in the spring and fall when there is a lot of debris falling

2. Do put gutter protection systems on your gutters

3. Do invest in a high quality seamless gutter system instead of buying inferior vinyl sectional gutters.

4. Do consider upgrading to a higher capacity 6” gutter system because they are less likely to clog.

5. Do make sure your landscape is sloped away from your foundation.

6. Don’t power wash your gutters as it may cause permanent damage to the gutters and siding.

Gutter maintenance

Clean your gutters in the spring and fall and don’t let leaves and other debris accumulate in the down spouts.  Check your gutters often to ensure water is flowing freely and is running away from your home.  Leaf protection systems are your best defense against clogged gutters. 


Leaf protection systems are essential for maintaining and preserving your gutters by preventing leaves, pine needles, seeds and debris from clogging your gutters.  Clogged gutters cause:

  • Rotting fascia boards
  • Siding damage
  • Water in your basement
  • Landscape erosion.

Midwest Gutter and Siding uses the following leaf protection systems:

  • Leafproof
  • UltraFlo
  • Leaf Relief


Insurance Restoration:

After a severe storm involving and strong winds, it is wise to have your gutters, roof and siding inspected for damage.  Midwest Exteriors of MPLS. provides free inspections for storm damage.  If damage exists, Midwest Exteriors of MPLS. will be happy to meet with your claims adjuster to ensure they identify the full extent of damage.  We will help you navigate the complicated insurance process from start to finish. Call us at 763-550-1685.


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