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Midwest Roofing ReferenceMidwest Exteriors of MPLS. has been providing quality roofing products and services throughout the Twin Cities for over 18 years.  Our experienced sales staff will guide you through the entire process from shingle selection to installation.  Our customers experience the care and attention to detail that each project merits.  We specialize in new roofs, roof replacement and storm damage repair.  When it comes to replacing your roof, Midwest Exteriors of MPLS. is the company to call at 763-550-1685.

Your roof protects the interior and exterior of your home from the weather. There are many types of roofing products to choose from, varying in price, durability, and weight. Most carry 25 to 50 year warranties.

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Asphalt shingles are the most commonly-used shingle because they come in many styles and price points.  They are appropriate for all climates and are easy to maintain.  They come in architectural styles that mimic stone and wood.  They generally have a life span from 25 to 50 years depending on the quality of the product chosen.

Wood Shingles provide a natural rustic appearance to homes adding distinction to any neighborhood. The most commonly- used wood is western red cedar. Treated yellow pine taper sawn shingles are also available. Using preservative treated or naturally durable wood for shingles should result in a roof lasting for 25 to 30 years. 


Asphalt shingles

Wood Shingles



Tips for Roofing Maintenance

  • Have your roof inspected by a professional every two years. Let them know of any problems you are having with your roof, including ice dams, ceiling damage, water coming in through windows, peeling under the over-hang, damp places on your fireplace, water stains on your water heater or furnace.
  • Replace damaged, loose or missing shingles immediately.
  • If you see sand- like granules in your gutters, it is a warning that your roofing materials are deteriorating. Contact Midwest Gutter to help you find a solution for this issue.
  • Remove leaves and tree branches from the roof because they trap moisture and decompose causing roof damage.
  • Clean your gutters often.
  • Don’t put heating cables on the lower part of your roof.  The heat from the cables can actually create water problems for your roof an attic.  A better solution is improving insulation in your attic.
  • Clean snow and ice off of your roof to avoid ice dam build- up.
  • If ice dams form, it is most likely an insulation and ventilation problem and not a gutter problem.  Make sure you have adequate insulation and ventilation in your attic.



Insurance Restoration:

After a severe storm involving and strong winds, it is wise to have your gutters, roof and siding inspected for damage.  Midwest Exteriors of MPLS. provides free inspections for storm damage.  If damage exists, Midwest Exteriors of MPLS. will be happy to meet with your claims adjuster to ensure they identify the full extent of damage.  We will help you navigate the complicated insurance process from start to finish. Call us at 763-550-1685.


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